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As part of its continued investment in sustainable innovation, Advance Denim brought eco-friendly manufacturing to life at its brand new production facility in Nha Trang, Vietnam, named Advance Sico.

The facility, completed in 2020, addresses the growing production needs of the China-based denim manufacturer in a new market that can help it serve more customers.

Advance Sico has the same fundamental goals as the company’s initial production center in Shunde, China. The manufacturer not only wants to provide its customers with Vietnam’s most innovative styles of denim, but also to reflect the enduring innovations that have already served as the foundation for the Shunde factory.

While building the factory in Vietnam, Advance Denim General Manager Amy Wang took an in-depth look at the entire denim manufacturing process to see how the manufacturer could innovate more with more sustainable processes and more. eco-friendly. It is this focused approach to sustainability that has given way to innovations such as the Big Box dye, which saves up to 95% of the water used in conventional dyeing while still using liquid indigo. traditional.

When completed, Advance Sico was the first plant in Vietnam to use Archroma’s aniline-free indigo for cleaner, safer indigo dye without using the harmful carcinogenic chemical.

Advance Denim then added BioBlue indigo to its dye lines in Vietnam, creating a clean indigo that does not produce toxic waste that is harmful to the environment. BioBlue indigo also creates a safer working environment by removing the highly flammable and unstable chemical sodium hydrosulfite from the workplace.

As the name suggests, sodium hydrosulfite has a very high salt content, and salt is notoriously difficult to remove from wastewater. The powder-like substance has a high level of sulphate which also accumulates in wastewater, which can release harmful gases. Sodium hydrosulfite is not only harmful to the environment, but it is a very unstable flammable material which is very dangerous to transport.

The wastewater treatment plant of the Advance Sico plant.
Advanced denim

Advance Sico is located in the resort town of Nha Trang, Vietnam, an international tourist destination best known for its beaches and scuba diving. By operating the Advance Sico factory there, the manufacturer feels responsible for protecting the natural environment and being the cleanest, most sustainable factory possible.

With this in mind, Advance Denim installed an innovative reverse osmosis water purification system designed to effectively remove residual indigo and harmful impurities. This process creates water that is almost 50 percent cleaner than the national standard for chemical oxygen demand (COD). It also allows the facility to recycle almost 40 percent of the water used in its manufacturing process.

As all denim manufacturers should know, it’s not just the processes, but the raw materials themselves that promote sustainability. The Advance Sico facility uses sustainable materials including fine spun hemp and fine spun recycled cotton within the company’s Greenlet sustainable collections in Vietnam.

“We are also working closely with global sustainability innovators such as Lenzing to incorporate their wide range of circular and carbon-free fibers into many of our styles,” said Wang. “We are not only proud to partner with some of the world’s most sustainable innovators, but we felt it was essential that we have the certifications to back up our claims. These certifications are extremely important to give our customers the assurance that Advance Sico is doing everything possible to be the most sustainable denim manufacturer in Vietnam.

Advance Sico is certified by the Organic Content Standard (OCS), the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and also the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Advance Denim will continue to challenge old ways of denim production and innovate in sustainable manufacturing.

“We’re proud of Big Box Denim and BioBlue Indigo and how these innovations create a cleaner, safer and more durable indigo dyeing process without sacrificing the hue and wash of traditional indigo. “Wang said. “We are delighted to bring these sustainable innovations to Advance Sico in Vietnam in order to bring us closer to our ever-expanding customer base in this region and to better meet the needs of our customers around the world. “

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