The best investment is and will probably always be the one that is well thought out and long-term. As Warren Buffet said, “If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.” It’s easy to get anxious and invest to get high returns quickly, but very few succeed. Leave nothing to chance but make sure you make safe, stable investments with a long investment horizon and your chances of making good investments increase significantly.

What is a good investment in Sweden?

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Perhaps the most typical answer is real estate. In addition to being able to use an accommodation practically, with a few exceptions, it is generally a stable and secure investment over time. When you own a property, you are very likely to get your invested capital back and in many cases an increase in value. But, with that said, real estate is relatively illiquid investment and it can be both good and more fun with asset classes you can see growing with the naked eye.

Shares, mutual funds, interest-bearing securities, savings accounts; all the types of investment mentioned are better than having the money in the bank? Yes and no, it is obviously better to invest your money to get returns and dividends than to have them parked at the bank and become less worthwhile, read more about how inflation and low interest rate climate affect your capital at the bank. After all, not all equities, funds etc. are superb! Risk appetite may from time to time be greater and volatility may increase in the stock market, and this, in line with overvalued companies, makes many investments unattractive. Then it is important to find asset classes that can, like a hedge position, provide some security against fluctuations in the market where the underlying asset type does not correlate with the stock exchange or government interest rates.

Best investment 2018

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What is the best investment then? Can you say? The answer is easily subjective as many stock market players have shared opinions about what the best investments are, but it all really comes down to what risk you as an investor are ready to take. The best investment for you may not necessarily be the best for another as the risk appetite and return goals depend on the investor. However, the best investment is where you find a balance between risk and return or even where an asset is undervalued, thus potential returns outweigh the risk.

When the stock market seems unstable and volatile,

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It may be time to invest in asset classes where you, as an investor, receive equal payments in the form of, for example, interest and amortization. Forsyte family provides the platform for those who want to invest in creditworthy private individuals’ loans and thus get exposure to a non-exchange-linked asset in your portfolio, read more about Forsyte family and how you can invest in private loans here.

Diversification is a key keyword when we talk about the best investments, as you not only spread your risks but also get exposure to several good alternatives and thus maximize your portfolio return without taking on unnecessarily large risks.