Canada’s dirty secret exposed and exposing climate colonialism


Technology Dreaming – A report by Robert Lyman outlining the challenges of bringing new technologies to market; government funding cannot create climate miracles because of these realities.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t have a magic wand to reduce CO₂ emissions. No one has it and so the plans he put in place couldn’t work. This is evident everywhere, as the figures just quoted show.

As reported by the Daily Mail, on October 26, 2022, a group of scientists led by William Ripple, say there is a “Code Red” climate emergency, a position that is not supported by the World Climate Declaration. climate of CLINTEL, nor by the recent CLINTEL Message to the public, says Friends of Science Society. Similarly, the August 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) AR6 report, Physical Sciences Working Group I, only mentions the words “crisis” and “emergency” once. only once in reference to media coverage.

On October 20, 2022, Bloomberg claimed that “Canada has a big dirty secret” because emissions have increased, despite Prime Minister Trudeau’s claims of being a climate leader. In an article originally published in French in Atlantico, republished in translation as “This ugly (big) secret that very progressive Canada is trying to make people forget”, European energy expert Samuel Furfari debunks this notion, noting that life is energy and that Canada is a vast and cold country. The “dirty secret” is not only that emissions have increased, despite draconian carbon taxes and regulations, but that Canada’s staggering immigration rates mean that climate goals cannot be met.

Furfari writes: “Justin Trudeau does not have a magic wand to reduce CO₂ emissions. No one has it and so the plans he put in place couldn’t work. This can be seen everywhere, as the figures I have just quoted show.

Furfari explains that Canada’s emissions have increased by 20% from 1992 to last year (2021) and adds: “CO₂ emissions from non-OECD countries have increased by 134%; China’s emissions soared 311%, with the record for growth being held by Vietnam which produced 1,300% more CO₂. Africa has only increased its CO₂ emissions “by 93%” as it unfortunately lags behind in the development race. So the Canadian government is a good student compared to the others.

Friends of Science Society takes issue with a recent climate conference in Canada where Prime Minister Trudeau spoke effusively about his climate leadership, in this presentation “Too Far. Too fast. NetZero2030 in a nutshell. »

Friends of Science says NetZero targets are not necessary; we have the time. There is no climate emergency if the implausible scenarios known as “RCP 8.5 and 6” are removed from the discussion. “RCP” refers to representative concentration pathways – computer simulations predicting the warming effect of carbon dioxide concentrations.

In his recent video presentation to the National Association of Scholars, Roger Pielke, Jr., explains that the most cited RCP 8.5 and 6 scenarios in climate research are implausible.

Friends of the Science Society claim ‘climate colonialism’ is the new way to impose domination on developing countries and takes Naomi Klein to task in a video presentation on the Arab Spring. According to a NECSI study, US climate policies of converting food into fuel sparked the Arab Spring by doubling food prices, leading to civil unrest.

The flurry of enthusiastic headlines ahead of COP27, such as a recent comment in ‘The Lancet’ in which doctors claim ‘fossil fuel addiction’ is killing people, shows that there are fears that the disaster narrative climate collapses, says Friends of Science. Modern medicine cannot exist without large amounts of fossil fuels for reliable electricity, the means to manufacture medical equipment and drugs, and the flow of products, such as sterile plastics. This argument is outlined in the 2015 Friends of Science report titled “Burning Questions”.

Robert Lyman, Canadian energy economist, former civil servant and diplomat, writes about the futility of COP27 in the face of the global energy crisis, but how “the show must go on”. Much of COP27 is centered on finance, not science. Lyman notes: “Before COP26, developing countries submitted a report that purported to show that the financing obligations of the richest countries should be increased to at least $1.3 trillion per year from 2025 to 2030.” C is considerably more than the “Green Climate Fund”, initially set at $100 billion per year.

For those hoping for a technological miracle to save us, Robert Lyman’s new report “Technology Dreaming” provides a realistic assessment of the challenges and barriers to adopting new technologies, with or without government assistance.


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