CTV News: Pho Noodle House has strong support in downtown Sudbury


A new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Noodle House opened in downtown Sudbury early last month. It’s located on Larch Street and the owner tells CTV News that every one of his employees is from Vietnam.

Owner Benjamin Doan told CTV News he was blown away by people’s support and hopes it continues.

“The business has been wonderful,” Doan said.

“The level of support from Sudburians has been tremendous. I never imagined the knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine people here have. I thought I should teach them how to eat Pho.”

Doan moved to Canada in 1983 and decided to move from Mississauga to Sudbury a few years ago. In addition to owning his own restaurant, he is also an immigration consultant.

“I think we need the young people and the talent here to grow,” Doan said.

“So I helped all the colleges in Toronto and also worked with Cambrian here.”

A total of 10 employees work at Pho Noodle House.

Doan says every employee is very familiar with the menu items and he hopes each shift gives them more chance to interact with Sudburians. He hopes they will stay in town for good.

“They know Pho; they know pho and other Vietnamese dishes,” Doan said.

“We want to give them the opportunity to talk to the locals, to immigrate to the community because I want them to stay here.”

One of the employees is Long Diep. He moved from Vietnam to Sudbury two years ago. Besides working at Pho Noodle House as a waiter, he also attends Cambrian College.

“It’s a Vietnamese restaurant, so everyone is Vietnamese. It’s like a family together and a little community,” Diep said.

“I love Sudbury because it’s a mining town, so I can combine my career (in) mechanical engineering, as well as the new career I learned at Cambrian College, graphic design.

Diep says that although he misses home and his family, he says his colleagues have really helped him over the past two years.

“Everyone in this building is Vietnamese, so it feels like home and it reduces my homesickness,” Diep said.

“Everyone cares about each other and talks to each other.”

Down says he plans to open two more restaurants here in Sudbury and one in North Bay.


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