Gadkari will report on cable vehicle solution in Bommai in 3 months


Bengaluru, Sep 9 (UNI) Regarding the resolution of traffic jams in Bengaluru, Union Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Friday that within the next three months he would prepare a workable report on vehicles wired and would introduce him to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai.

“I asked Prakash Goud, a transport manager, to prepare a workable report with the help of an international consulting firm. There are two companies doing this work. One is Doppelmyr and Puma. the first is an Austrian company and the second is French. These companies have done a lot of work in this sector,” he told reporters at a press conference here.

In the next three months, I will prepare the feasibility report and present it to the Chief Minister (Bommai). With his ascent, we will decide on this proposal to solve the traffic congestion problems of the city of Bangalore, added the Union Minister.

Doppelmayr is the largest cable car manufacturer in the world with state-of-the-art cable car technologies. It has installed more than 15,000 ski lift installations around the world.

Cable cars and ropeways have already proven themselves in Bolivia, Vietnam, Switzerland and many other countries.

On resolving traffic jams via skybus solution, Gadkari appealed to the people to ask the government of Karnataka to think about the start lines of trolleybus services in the city.

“You have to apply to the state government. There is this trolley bus service. Its capacity is 88 and its capital cost is around Rs 50-60 lakh as it does not require batteries like the buses lithium batteries which cost Rs 1.5 crore.Trolley buses run on cables.If the trolleybus service starts in Bangalore, there will be a massive reduction in the number of people using cars.If this happens, traffic congestion will be resolved. We anticipate that as well. In three months we will release the report,” he said.

Earlier, Gadkari had said that cable cars, ropeways, funiculars can be very useful means of transport for hilly and difficult terrains and as last mile connectivity options in congested cities.

He said these transport options would also be very useful for Tier 2 cities and hoped it would motivate people to switch from personal transport to public transport.

He also said the government was studying the use of new types of vehicles, such as hybrid aerodynamic boats that combine land, sea and aeronautical technologies and can travel on land, water and air at higher speeds. at 80 km/h.

The minister had informed that ten national waterways including Ganga are being developed for transportation. It will soon be possible to transport goods from Varanasi to Bangladesh and the northeastern states of our country by waterways.



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