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Some things are hard to hide. If inflation and Biden’s energy fiascos are high, illegal immigration follows close behind. Anecdotal data — arguably more reliable this cycle than polls — suggests Americans are bubbling.

Five major factors show how distressed Americans are by Biden’s outspoken misrepresentations on the border, illegal immigration, and the devastating impact of Democratic policies on the nation.

First, rather surprisingly, independents — and moderate Democrats — are fed up with Biden’s “spitting show,” an invalid and recurring claim that the border is secure. Americans know not. In a recent poll, 50% of Americans think Biden needs to do more, 55% of Independents, 76 of Republicans.

Although Harris and Biden say the “border is secure,” the data doesn’t lie, and neither do planes loaded with non-English-speaking illegal immigrants all over the United States. Like Lyndon Johnson claiming that no one cared about Vietnam, or that the “death count” favored us, Americans know the truth. They did it then, do it now.

The truth is, Biden and Senate Democrats are “all in” on soft illegal immigration. They accept the erroneous premise that major laws need not be enforced for humanitarian or political reasons.

Thus, laws are not enforced that prevent the release of untried asylum seekers (who often disappear), ensure that asylum seekers remain outside the United States pending trial, or are vetted.

For the record, are the Americans ticked? You bet. Notably, the shipment of illegals to the chic Democratic getaway of Martha’s Vineyard resonated. More reliably, Americans are concerned about problems with illegal immigrants (even in New York), drug trafficking links, record overdoses, homelessness and crime.

Second, naturalized Americans — including Hispanic citizens — are tired of the double standard. As the midterms approach, many are leaning towards their conservative values, including public health and safety, faith and gun rights, the preservation of traditional values ​​around family, work, faith and women.

Misunderstood by the Democrats, Hispanic Americans are not “all-in” for illegal immigration, Hispanic or otherwise. They do not support the devaluation of the traditional family, the Christian faith, citizenship, hard work, street safety or the quality of public education. They are not about “revival”.

This is a major misfire, and Midterms will show – an opening salvo – that this radical tip left by all Democrats is not accepted by Americans who have come here from Cuba, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala , Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru. , and other countries, most of which prioritize faith, family, safety, education, and hard work. They did not come to America to live in Venezuela.

Third, illegal immigration plays big as more and more families lose children to drugs, not in small numbers but in huge, impossible to hide and heartbreaking numbers. Drug overdose deaths from foreign-source, high-potency and banned drugs – hit more than 107,000 last year, a 15% jump from 2020.

This is huge, because the loss of a child is devastating – not just for those 214,000 parents, 428,000 grandparents, millions of siblings, cousins, friends, teachers and everyone who knows the child, but for entire communities – where the news, no matter how bored we are, is an earthquake.

That’s what flippant, wealthy, inoculated, indifferent leaders – at all levels – don’t get. They do not understand that their policies have consequences, sometimes devastating, and that drug trafficking, the number of abuses, overdose deaths, child suicides, drug-impaired driving and the loss children hit hard.

The Biden administration and Congress are out for lunch. The senators’ fluffy talk about spending money means nothing, while they are missing in the battle to save children and communities. Like everything else, they “defer” to someone else, no accountability, another thing people are fed up with.

Fourth, illegal immigration will play big because education – the quality of American public education – is declining, not because not every illegal immigrant is a worthy soul, but because we are pouring those souls into a very stressed system, no assimilation, no legal citizenship, no understanding where understanding counts. Biden, Harris and the billion-dollar congressional leaders simply don’t care.

Words are cheap. Teachers — and I come from a long history among them — are under intense pressure, as are the schools, the administrators, the communities that fund them with property taxes, the states that have to pay.

In particular, illegal immigration does not benefit anyone in the field of education. It degrades the education of those who are legally here, naturalized and born, while degrading the larger system nationwide.

Every year, America absorbs many foreign immigrants – legally. They become highly productive, generally patriotic members of society, learning the country’s history, civic duty, English, working legally, and raising their children to do the same. That’s not what we do when we sweep up illegals.

To finish, the midterms will “demonstrate” the enormity of this problem, how distressed Americans are by the illegal immigration policies of Biden and the Democrats, for one more reason. Americans appreciate and respect the law.

When a vice president can say, in effect, “mass amnesty” and “just make them citizens,” like snapping a finger, or when a president defames the Supreme Court and circuit courts for saying that immigration laws must be enforced, something is wrong. Americans obey the law. When their leaders don’t, it’s a flashing red signal.

So, net-net, while a lot can happen in three weeks, Americans are not stupid, indifferent to their fate or their traditions. They love their faith, their word, their right to vote, their self-defense, their educational opportunities, and everything related to public health, safety, education, and the law.

On illegal immigration, like the staggering mismanagement of the economy, Americans are watching. More precisely, they are bubbling. Watch this issue topple Democrats midterm, flurry of meetings. Something is hard to hide.

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