Market demand accelerates the dynamics of satellite cities



Satellite real estate keeps the heat going in the Covid-19 pandemic

In Vietnam, the two central cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are under pressure from population growth and urban infrastructure. Urban satellite development is seen as a solution to redistribute population, creating cohesive development across regions.

A recent conference on keeping the pulse on satellite city real estate owned by Vhome, a real estate data channel operated by VnExpress, pointed out that the policy of developing satellite towns has opened up a trend for real estate investment by satellite. Around 10 years ago, many investors had their eye on satellite properties in nearby industrial towns of HCMC like Dong Nai and Binh Duong. The next 10 to 20 years should be a decade of satellite real estate.

Customers tour the Aqua City mockup unit. Photo by Novaland

Pham Duc Toan, managing director of EZ Vietnam, a connoisseur of real estate, suggested that the land fund in key cities is increasingly depleted. Meanwhile, satellite cities with large land reserves are offering preferential policies to attract investment, stimulate the economy, and expand the regional transport network with synchronous infrastructure and public services.

He added that the price of land in satellite towns is still affordable and has the potential to increase. In terms of growth rate, some areas have fluctuated up to 100-200 percent in 1 to 2 years, according to Toan.

“While the Covid-19 pandemic is like a devastating storm on the economic and real estate sector, some satellite markets have not yet recorded a drop in prices,” he said.

Aqua City ecological urban area.  Photo: Novaland

Aqua City ecological urban area. Photo by Novaland

According to Phan Cong Chanh, a real estate investment expert, the pandemic has accelerated the trend towards a green and healthy lifestyle. After social distancing and working from home, many people have changed their criteria for choosing accommodation to adapt to the new normal. For them, living space plays a particularly important role, directly affecting physical and mental health. Many are ready to leave the centers to enjoy a better living environment for their families and themselves.

In addition, Vietnam is entering the decade of the automobile. With the rapid increase in the number of car owners, the journey time is shortened, the distance is no longer a problem. “Therefore, the tendency to move to satellite urban areas for quality living space will become stronger,” Chanh said.

The interest of the main investors

A survey of satellite towns conducted by Vhome shows that eastern Saigon, in particular Dong Nai, is among the main satellite markets most attractive to investors, with an investment rate of 20.2%, followed by Bac Ninh at 12.1%.

The province has many advantages, including a high concentration of industrial parks, economic development, convenient transportation, a large land bank, a river system suitable for the development of large-scale ecological urban areas with full public services.

In particular, it is also a place where a series of key infrastructure is promoted, contributing to satellite real estate east of HCMC. Thus, the trend of population expansion towards satellite towns opens up prospects for eco-urban projects.

For example, Aqua City, developed by Novaland Group on a scale of 1000 hectares, is a smart ecological township typical of eastern HCMC. Surrounded by the Dong Nai River and the Creaks, Aqua City is intelligently planned as an all-in-one model with world-class amenities, providing residents with a modern living experience in harmony with nature, including plazas, a resort from marina, hotels and international resorts. , shopping center, entertainment facilities, multi-purpose sports, international schools and hospitals.

Perspective of the plaza complex - Aqua Marina in Aqua City.  Photo: Novaland

Perspective of the plaza complex – Aqua Marina in Aqua City. Photo by Novaland

According to investors, Aqua City is even more attractive after social distancing, when customers can visit, experience the “change of flesh” of this project.

With the trend of green living after the pandemic, green real estate is expected to be a magnet to attract capital flows from the market during the year-end period.

With an upfront payment of 5%, clients can own properties in Aqua City with various offers: Novaspecial giveaway of up to VND 1 billion, 4% discount on product value (based on maturity bank loan), Novaland preferential shares of 220 VND, a free garden design package up to VND 500 million.

Visit the Aqua City virtual model here or call the hotline: 0943797979.



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