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Loveland and Larimer must impose a moratorium on drilling

I like to breathe clean air. A recent Reporter-Herald article identified Colorado’s air pollution primarily from two sources: vehicles and fracking wells. We all need to reduce the use of our vehicles and consider low-emission means of transport. The regulations support emission standards and could do more to enforce them.

Plans to build frack pits within the city limits of Loveland are worrisome. There are technologies that can limit emissions from wells, but current regulations do not require the best technology, and wells are not carefully monitored by the state.
Our current majority on the city council will not impose any demands to protect our health without major pressure from “we the people”. Is air pollution already bad enough for you to take action? How acceptable are respiratory illnesses in your family?

Loveland City Council and Larimer County Commissioners must step up and enact a moratorium on drilling while they create strong regulations to protect our health. Unfortunately, they won’t act without significant public outcry. What will you do for the health of our children?

Mark H. Jackson

land of love

Biden drags the country down

It is sad that President Biden gives us so much material to criticize his presidency. Unfortunately for us, it does. Biden is wrong and takes the country with him.

Let’s look at Biden’s first year in office. Inflation is at its highest for 40 years and wages are not keeping up with inflation. Yes, the pandemic and supply issues are contributing to inflation. We don’t need to hear excuses, but solutions! We can’t let Biden get away with his $6 trillion spending spree. Do you remember when we had energy independence? Now Biden is back to implore OPEC to increase production. Does he really think OPEC cares what we have to pay them for their oil? We will continue to see the pain at the pump.

The border is in crisis. Biden stopped and reversed practices that made a difference in illegal immigration. He cannot tell us how many illegal immigrants entered the country. Crime in the border states is out of control. We are intimidated by Russia and China. They see Biden as weak and helpless. Its withdrawal (cut and run) from Afghanistan was a debacle. America’s credibility as an ally was lost.

Despite Biden’s many failures, he says he achieved more in his first year than any president in history. He rejects his terrible polls. Why would he ever change course, if he can’t or won’t see the problems? I want to believe and admire my president, but Biden gave me few reasons.

larry roche


Thich Nhat Hanh was a candle among us

Last Saturday, January 22, I learned that a hero I admired died at the age of 95.

Part of me felt joy that he had lived so long to teach us “mindfulness”. Now the companion of joy is sadness. If we never experienced sadness in life, we could never experience joy.

I felt sad that my hero was gone into the next life, what he would call “Nirvana”.

He lived like a candle that burns brightly emitting heat and light, touching all around.

Finally, it seems that there is no more candle. Where are you going? Scientists teach us that matter is neither created nor destroyed, but is modified. When we die, our earth energy is changed as we pass into the next life. Our lives are lived through good energy and bad energy. Mindfulness is the process by which we learn to face our negativity so that it can turn into positivity, the path that my hero, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, chose, meditated on, walked and touched life and the minds of so many people.

During the war and the difficult times in Vietnam, he felt anger over the death and destruction of the people, villages and country he loved. He faced that anger, and in meditation and community with his suffering people, he was able to share with them the realization of inner peace and joy despite the difficult lives each of them had. He met people from all over the world, including the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., who nominated Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize. The award did not change Thich Nhat Hanh, who continued to meditate and walk among the peoples of the world for the cause of peace among us all.

Deborah Stucklen

land of love


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