Spain’s tourist board says Brits may be better off wintering abroad to avoid hefty energy bills


Spain’s official Costa del Sol tourist board is urging Britons to leave home this winter, saying tourists may be able to escape the current energy crisis abroad.

The president of the Costa del Sol tourist board, Francisco Salado, said the region was trying to attract “energy nomads”. He says holidaymakers won’t be as cold in sunny Malaga and so may not need to use any heating.

As for the tourists, Francisco said, “They better spend the winter with us.”

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The Express reports that some governments across Europe were already encouraging residents to spend the winter months in warmer climates, rather than shelling out substantial sums at home to keep their properties heated. And Francisco explained why the destination is a top choice for those short on cash in the colder months.

He added: “The Costa del Sol has an advantage in this situation as it is already a benchmark for good weather and quality facilities.”

Temperatures on the Costa del Sol between December and February usually average around 14 degrees Celsius, and although winter is still the region’s coldest season, it often isn’t cold enough to warrant use. central heating. House prices are also often at their lowest point in winter, giving Britons a bargain on a temporary holiday home.

However, British tourists will face tough post-Brexit travel rules if they wish to fly south this winter. As it stands, UK nationals can spend a maximum of 90 days in the EU out of 180 days, and can be penalized if they overstay.

These penalties take the form of fines, travel bans and even overnight detentions in immigration centers.

If UK citizens wish to stay longer, they must apply for a standard visa. These Brexit rules have impacted the lifestyle of some British jet-setters, who frequently spend the colder months on warmer coasts – many of them having to make the difficult choice between applying for residency in Spain. or sell their properties completely.

Additionally, it is difficult to apply for Spanish residency – applications must be made from within the UK and require an abundance of evidence and other necessary documents.

The news comes as energy bills continue to soar across the UK, leaving many cash-strapped Britons struggling to pay ahead of winter. Some experts have even suggested that some might relocate altogether to distant destinations like Thailand.

Although the costs associated with flying are high, destinations such as Thailand and Vietnam have a significantly lower cost of living. The idea should appeal mainly to retirees, who have much more freedom when it comes to relocating abroad.

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