TUI, easyJet, Ryanair, BA: 38 countries that have banned or restricted UK travelers


A total of 38 countries have now imposed strict bans or restrictions on UK tourists.

The UK government switched to so-called Plan B restrictions last month to control the spread of Omicron, asking people to work from home and increase mask wear, while some travel restrictions were also imposed in a number of countries in Europe.

The ban on British tourists traveling to Germany was only recently lifted.

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People coming from the UK who are fully vaccinated or have a significant reason to travel are now allowed to enter the country.

Germany announced earlier this month that it is tightening restrictions on travel from the UK in a bid to curb the spread of the Omicron variant.

France has imposed similar restrictions on British travelers from December 18.

The following guidelines are subject to change, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the latest information.



France’s borders are closed to British tourists, and only travelers with an essential reason are allowed to fly, HertsLive reports.

The Netherlands

British travelers must self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Netherlands, but have the option to test to be released after five days.

Middle East


Qatar – British travelers must be fully vaccinated and quarantined in a hotel for two days.

Kuwait will only allow entry into the country for fully vaccinated travelers, which means your second vaccine cannot be older than nine months if you haven’t received your third dose. They will only accept the UK letter version of proof of COVID-19 recovery and vaccination record. They will not accept digital evidence.


Benin – the country only allows entry when there is “dire need”

Eritrea – some flights allowed but extremely limited as “all land borders are closed and are not expected to reopen in the near future”

Gabon – You must get permission from the government in advance

Morocco – The country was one of the first to ban British travelers and renewed its ban on British tourists on December 24

Niger – Tourists to test on arrival and isolate themselves until results are known


Chile – you will need to have proof of vaccination validated by Chilean authorities before traveling (which can take up to 30 days).

The Falkland Islands – tourists are not allowed

Suriname – Border closures prevent people from entering and leaving the country and restricting those who wish to leave


Bhutan – Bhutan’s borders are currently closed to foreign nationals

Brunei – Entry to Brunei is severely restricted. The land and sea borders are currently closed. British tourists need a permit from the Prime Minister’s Office to visit

Japan – Foreign nationals (including UK nationals) who do not have current resident status are not allowed to enter Japan except in exceptional circumstances

Laos – No visas are issued to people traveling from a country with COVID-19 cases, including the United Kingdom, although they may grant special permission for essential reasons

Macau – All travelers arriving in Macau who are not residents of Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China will be refused entry, except in special circumstances.

Mongolia – It is currently not possible for UK nationals without a long stay visa, residence permit or business visa for Mongolia to enter Mongolia

Myanmar – New tourist visa applications are currently on hold

Taiwan – Taiwanese authorities have announced a temporary ban on foreign nationals from entering Taiwan

Turkmenistan – All scheduled international commercial flights to and from Turkmenistan have been suspended

Vietnam – Vietnam suspended visa waiver, visa issuance and entry into Vietnam for all foreign nationals

China – The country has banned all direct flights and restrictions remain in place on flights from third countries

Hong Kong – Travelers arriving at Hong Kong International Airport from the UK will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine at a quarantine center for the first four days of the 21-day quarantine period, complete with testing and monitoring daily. Travelers will then go through 17 days of mandatory quarantine at a designated quarantine hotel, where they will undergo additional testing, followed by 7 days of self-monitoring.

Indonesia – International passengers arriving from the UK or who have transited through the UK in the last 14 days are not permitted to enter Indonesia

Iran – Travelers must present health certificate or quarantine for 14 days

Malaysia – Most UK nationals are prohibited from entering Malaysia except under certain circumstances. He stopped selling bus and plane tickets to his only travel lane, Singapore

Singapore – Freezed ticket sales for its non-quarantine “lane” system that allowed entry to vaccinated people from 24 countries

South Korea – Most quarantine exemptions are currently on hold to control the spread of the omicron variant, regardless of your nationality or vaccination status. If you arrive in South Korea without a valid quarantine exemption, you will need to quarantine yourself for 10 days

Thailand – There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine for foreign visitors, unless you are staying in Phuket.


Australia – Currently closed to all tourists, says travelers must have an exception to fly there

Cook Islands – The borders of the Cook Islands are closed to all persons unless otherwise granted (in writing) by the Cook Islands Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration

Nauru – The only scheduled flight to Nauru is now a bi-weekly service, every other Friday, Brisbane-Nauru-Brisbane

Papua New Guinea – Commercial options for traveling to and from Papua New Guinea remain very limited.

New Zealand – The New Zealand border is currently closed to almost all arrivals.

Pitcairn Island – Pitcairn has closed its borders except to residents and temporary residents traveling for work

Tonga – Tonga’s borders are closed to entry to all foreign nationals, unless permission is granted by the relevant Tongan government authorities

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