Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group sign 2-year development agreement from 2021 to 2023


The agreement of the two giants of aviation and music has its origin in the common inspiration called The Karman line – the line of demarcation at the intersection of the atmosphere and outer space. It is also a symbol of the unprecedented cooperation between the traditional heritage values ​​of Vietnam Airlines and the pioneering, modern and civilized spirit of the SpaceSpeakers group. It is the first time that Vietnam Airlines has cooperated with an entertainment company as part of a strategy of spreading culture, and at the same time, innovative services and branding to provide passengers with a more modern experience and younger.

Under the cooperation agreement, Vietnam Airlines will be the official air carrier of SpaceSpeakers Group, while SpaceSpeakers Group will become the music consultancy organization for Vietnam Airlines by producing the theme song and consulting on the use strategy of music to communicate and promote the image of Vietnam. National airlines.

Helping to spread the activities of the SpaceSpeakers group in particular and the modern and civilized musical culture of the young Vietnamese generation in general, Vietnam Airlines will present the musical material of the SpaceSpeakers group on more than 100 airplanes. It is also the first time that Vietnam Airlines has included the music video genre (Music Video – MV) in the entertainment treasures of its fleet of Airbus A350s and Boeing 787 wide-body aircraft, in addition to hundreds of other programs. various such as movies and TV shows. shows,…

In the near future, Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group will also coordinate to organize and participate in events aimed at promoting each other’s culture, products and services, and at the same time carry out a number of activities to improve the image of both parties; such as the launch of co-branded in-flight products, the painting of SpaceSpeakers Group images on Vietnam Airlines planes, …

Sharing this agreement, the CEO of SpaceSpeakers Group Vu Ha Quan is more than proud: “The strength of SpaceSpeakers is the music and always will be the music, it is also the central factor that makes the success of SpaceSpeakers. When we started the first stages of the cooperation, we had unlimited exchanges between artists, in order to research and create a special musical personality which, as we imagine, is a perfect match for Vietnam Airlines.

More precisely, during this event, the famous music producer Touliver was officially announced as president of the SpaceSpeakers group. Sharing his new post, President Touliver said: “More than 10 years at the helm of SpaceSpeakers in music have portrayed Touliver as a disciplined, strict and pioneering leader. At the present time, we no longer seek recognition, but on the contrary, continue to devote ourselves and to bear the responsibility of accompanying the young generations on the path of artistic pursuit. In doing so, my role as President of the SpaceSpeakers Group will help strengthen my position and credibility in the music community.

In the context where Vietnam is undergoing transformation and redevelopment, the agreement signed between Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group should inspire Vietnamese brands to unite and rise, thus contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

About Vietnam Airlines:
Vietnam Airlines is the key player in the airline industry in Vietnam and South East Asia. In addition to the international 4-star quality of service, Vietnam Airlines has a national and transcontinental flight network, with a fleet of modern and world-class aircraft.

About the SpaceSpeakers group:
SpaceSpeakers is one of the pioneering music organizations dedicated to rap / hip hop and electronic music in Vietnam. In May 2020, SpaceSpeakers Group JSC officially started operating with 6 affiliated artists. The main activities of SpaceSpeakers Group include the production and release of musical products, image development, strategy development for artists, and the management and training of young talent.

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