Vietnam Airlines asked to report on escorts interviewed by Australia | National


CAAV director Dinh Viet Thang said on June 18 that the authority had not yet received an official notification from Australia and had asked flag carrier Vietnam Airlines to draft a report clarifying the case.

A spokesman for Vietnam Airlines said its crews and flight attendants were working as normal, and the airline has asked Australian authorities for more information about the incident.

Earlier, Australian channel 7News reported that nine airline flight attendants were questioned by Australian authorities during a raid by Australian Border Force and police.

These flight attendants were questioned after they were found bringing a total of 60,000 AUD (about 41,600 USD) hidden in their personal luggage.

7News did not mention the name of the carrier or the personal details of the agents suspected of having committed money laundering.

According to the leaders of the CAVV, the case is “not very serious”, so that all the companions returned home on two different flights.

Under Australian regulations, any foreigner bringing 10,000 AUD (6,935 USD) or an equivalent amount in other currencies when entering or leaving the country must make a declaration, failing which they will be subject to fines or of imprisonment.

Currently, Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways are two Vietnamese carriers operating regular direct flights to Australia.



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