Vietnam Airlines fleet in 2021


With a current fleet of around 100 aircraft, Vietnam Airlines is not exactly one of the largest airline fleets in the world. However, in 2021 this historic full-service airline has a fairly modern fleet. While not quite in the top 10, the carrier’s jet collection still has an incredibly low average age, at just under seven.

Vietnam was one of the first customers of the Airbus A350, with its first comeback in 2015. Photo: Airbus

The Vietnam Airlines fleet at a glance

First, let’s take a look at the makeup of the airline’s fleet as a whole. Aircraft types are listed below with quantities in parentheses.

  • ATR72 (2)
  • A320neo (2) *
  • A321 general manager (49)
  • A321neo (20)
  • A350-900 (14)
  • 787-9 (11)
  • 787-10 (4)

In 2019, Vietnam Airlines reached an agreement with Air Lease Corporation for two A320neo jets. These planes are listed as “future” planes on while lists them as “inactive”. With that in mind, although these are the numbers at the time of going to press, the quantities of aircraft types are set to change with the airline ready to take delivery of additional jets. At the same time, the airline is selling some of its older narrow-body.

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Everything on the A321

It is quite rare to find an airline that has chosen to have a heavy fleet of A321s. Indeed, most carriers have either a mixture of A319, A320 and A321, or a majority of A320. For Vietnam Airlines, the Airbus A321 offers higher capacity while providing sufficient range for its destinations in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region.

At present, the airline has 49 older A321-200s, with an average age of just under 10 years. However, modernization is underway, with the carrier having carried 20 A321neo in the past three years. The following blurb is how Airbus describes Vietnam Airlines’ A321neo operations:

“Powered by Pratt and Whitney Pure Power engines, the Vietnam Airlines A321neo features a premium two-class configuration with eight business class seats and 195 economy class seats… the A321neo will be deployed by Vietnam Airlines on services across Asia. “

In early June, we wrote about the airline’s intention to auction 11 of its older Airbus A321-200s.

“Vietnam Airlines offers to sell 11 A321CEO aircraft with manufacturing serial numbers (MSN) 2255/2261/2974/3005/3013/3022/3198/3315/3355/3600/3737”, read the airline’s statement to Aerotime Hub.

The announcement, posted on the airline’s website, had a bid submission deadline of June 29, 2021. At this point, the planes remain listed in the carrier’s fleet.

Vietnam Airlines fleet in 2021
11 old A321s were recently put up for sale. Photo: Iasta29 via Wikimedia Commons

Modern widebodies

Historically operating Airbus A330s, Boeing 767s and Boeing 777s, Vietnam Airlines has done an impressive job modernizing its fleet in recent years.

Vietnam Airlines fleet in 2021
The 787-10 is the newest type in the Vietnam Airlines fleet. Photo: Prenn via Wikimedia Commons

The airline took delivery of its first 787-9 and A350-900 in 2015 and more recently welcomed the extended 787-10 into its fleet in 2019. For the A350 and 787 fleets, the average age of the aircraft hovers around four and a half years. years- something passengers should appreciate.

The carrier is expected to take delivery of more of these modern widebody jets, with the expectation that four more 787-10s will be delivered in the future.

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