Vietnam Airlines increases frequency of Cambodian flights to 10 per week


Vietnam Airlines has added six more flights per week to bring its current four weekly flights to 10. Vietnam Airlines’ first flight to Phnom Penh took place on January 1 this year.

Other flight increases were to Australia, Thailand and Laos, which were also increased to 10 flights per week.

Routes to China and the United States will operate four flights per week.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam (CAAV) has decided to increase the frequency of international flights to Japan, Korea, Taipei (China) and Singapore.

In its announcement regarding scheduled international flights sent to airlines, the CAAV said that routes to Japan, Korea, Taipei (China) and Singapore have increased to 14 flights per week by route, divided between four airlines including Vietnam. Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways and Pacific Airlines.

Specifically, for routes to Japan, Vietnam Airlines (VNA) operates seven flights per week, Vietjet Air (VJA) four, Bamboo Airlines two and Pacific Airlines one.

The frequency of the Korean route is VNA with seven flights, Vietjet with five flights, and the other two airlines with one flight each.

For routes from France, Germany, the UK and Russia, after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Transport (MoT), the CAAV will announce its plan.

It also requires airlines to plan flight routes and report to the CAAV by Thursday. In the event that an airline cannot organize the flights as planned, the plan will be withdrawn and transferred to another airline.

CAAV statistics show that around 140,000 people living abroad have to return home for Tet (Lunar New Year). It is expected that the number of passengers returning to Viet Nam will exceed 30,000 per week, including overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who are diplomats, experts and investors.

CAAV is negotiating with aviation authorities of countries and territories to resume regular international flights and increase their frequency to meet the demand of overseas Vietnamese returning home for the Lunar New Year.

In an official dispatch sent to the CAAV, the MoT asked it to carefully consider and proactively decide to increase the frequency of domestic flights during the Lunar New Year to meet people’s demands. Domestic flights should ensure pandemic prevention and control based on Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chinh’s instructions.

Earlier, in the middle of last week, the CAAV had offered the MoT permission to proactively consider increasing routes during the Lunar New Year.

According to reports from the reservation systems of different airlines, the percentage of passengers reserving seats on the routes between HCM City and Ha Noi and from HCM City to the Central Highlands, Central and Northern Provinces has increased, in contrast to their previous forecasts.

The rate of passengers reserving seats on the airline system is over 50%, and sometimes even over 90%.

“It can be seen that the travel demand of people from Ho Chi Minh City to localities across the country during the Lunar New Year has increased again and needs to be met,” said CAAV director Dinh Viet Thang. —VNS

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