Vietnam Airlines partners with SpaceSpeakers Group to release MV “Hurry up!” to inspire travel


Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group created an unprecedented event in the Vietnamese music market by announcing the launch of the MV on the flight between Ho Chi Minh CityHanoiwhich took off the morning of 11 July, with more than 300 passengers. Six special passengers, who are famous SpaceSpeakers artists, including Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic, SlimV and Kien Ungsuddenly appeared on the flight.

On the “special flight”, the trio SOOBIN, Binz and Rhymastic performed the song “Hurry up!” – Vietnam Airlines theme song. Then Touliver, SlimV and Kien Ung appeared with SOOBIN, Binz, and SlimV chatted and took photos with the passengers. Many interesting activities are organized by Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group on this special flight. In particular, lucky passengers received a special gift, a pair of round-trip tickets from Vietnam Airlines.

Rhymastic said it was a special, possibly once-in-a-lifetime event and the same for all members of SpaceSpeakers. With the song “Hurry up!”, the music of SpaceSpeakers will spread from the ground to the sky. SpaceSpeakers Group has also never released an in-flight music product before. Therefore, the images and moments of this “special flight” will be repeated for many years to come.

Impactful and inspiring travel song

The melody of the song “Hurry up!” will be aired on more than 400 Vietnam Airlines flights every day upon landing, reaching more than 100,000 customers/day. MV “Hurry up!” also officially launched on online music platforms on the evening of 11 July.

The trio of SOOBIN, Binz, and Rhymastic featured in the song “Hurry up!” Touliver and SlimV are in charge of mixing and music production. The color of the music in “Hurry up!” is a huge difference from what audiences knew of SpaceSpeakers, when it wasn’t the usual Rap/Hip Hop anymore, but 5 artists created a joyful and uplifting pop song in the right spirit when combined with Vietnam Airlines.

Through the MV “Hurry up!”, SpaceSpeakers Group wants to create more than a theme song for Vietnam Airlines, thus spreading the message, inspiring travel, discovering experiences after 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible because maybe the beautiful scenery will be lost or time won’t stop there waiting for us.

The association of Touliver and SlimV in the colors of traditional and modern music through the “Hurry up!” mix. The sound of dan bau and dan tranh is played out in several segments, representing the traditional values ​​of Vietnam Airlines. Moreover, the freshness in the arrangement of Touliver and SlimV is clearly demonstrated to make the song young and catchy.

In the MV “Hurry up!”, artists Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic and SlimV are in different scenes. The MV opens with a scene of towering mountains and forests in Ha Giang. There SlimV appeared, enjoyed the scenery on a bicycle, and then met the mountain people. Rhymastic is traveling on a bus, surrounded by people of different professions, but sharing a common positive energy. Binz appeared and sang in a fancy restaurant. SOOBIN came out of a museum. And Touliver came out of the cabin of the extremely classy and powerful aircraft.

Five artists, each evolving in a different way, but with the same destination. Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic and SlimV came together to dedicate a “music party” to their entourage. From pilots, flight attendants, technicians to passengers, workers or children, everyone enjoys the wonderful atmosphere that SpaceSpeakers artists bring.

MV “Hurry up!” is the latest category between Vietnam Airlines and the SpaceSpeakers Group cooperation agreement. Previously, in November 2021, the two organizations have signed a cooperation agreement “The Karman Line”. For the first time, a press conference was held in the cabin of the plane. Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group will jointly perform 8 categories, in which the production of the theme song “Hurry up!” is a special step.

This product also shows the transformation of Vietnam Airlines with the aim of rejuvenating the brand, reaching more customer segments, while maintaining traditional cultural values. Meanwhile, the handshake with Vietnam Airlines is a step forward for SpaceSpeakers Group in asserting its position as the leading music organization in Vietnam.

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