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Hanoi (VNA) – Freight train from Vietnam to Europe is performing very well after being put into service for more than four months, according to Tran The Hung, general manager of the rail transport and trade joint-stock company (Ratraco).

The train runs between Yen Vien station in Hanoi and the Belgian city of Liège, where the goods are unloaded and sent by truck to the final destination, the Dutch city of Rotterdam. A trip lasts about 30-35 days.

The rail industry has so far operated 28 trains with more than 640 40-foot containers.

Currently, the company averages three trips per week and plans to increase to 4-5 trips next year. Trains transport goods such as machinery, office equipment, electronics, furniture and textiles.

Hung said the cost of shipping containers by sea has increased dramatically, creating an opportunity for the rail industry to increase its market share. However, due to the limited infrastructure and transportation capacity, it takes time for the industry to prepare.

In addition to operating a direct transport route to Europe, the Vietnam Railways Corporation also operates freight trains with only a few cars traveling directly to Europe, where the train leaves from Yen Vien station to China, then the cars are connected to other
freight trains to other destinations in China and Europe.

The freight train service opens a new transport axis for the Vietnamese railway industry, providing the possibility of transporting many Vietnamese goods to Europe at a low cost and within a reasonable time frame, according to transport experts.

A difficulty of railway industry in intermodal transport that needs to be resolved quickly is the lack of infrastructure systems such as warehouses, courtyards, means of transport, and containers. Therefore, it is necessary to consider investments in the modernization of some stations and loading areas on the road./.




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