Vietnamese airlines await vaccine passports for resumption of international flights



HANOI (Vietnam News / ANN): Although vaccine passports are not yet an official policy in Vietnam, airlines are preparing for the resumption of international flights based on their introduction.

On March 25, a national carrier Vietnam Airlines flight from Taipei, Taiwan (China) landed at Danang International Airport. It was a repatriation flight bringing Vietnamese citizens home, which they had to pay for, and was a step towards reopening international commercial flights after they were suspended due to Covid-19.

According to the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority, more repatriation flights will be carried out in the future.

Priority for scheduled commercial flights to bring stranded citizens home will be given to China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan (China), Laos and Cambodia.

These air routes received approval for resumption of flights last September, but implementation has been delayed due to the evolution of the pandemic.

The gradual reopening is expected to help the aviation industry, but many issues remain, including the enactment of laws for vaccine passports and the location and cost of quarantine centers.

Đặng Anh Tuấn, head of Vietnam Airlines’ communications and branding department, believes vaccine passports could be rolled out quickly in the country after the International Air Transport Association (IATA) sent a letter to the country. former Prime Minister Nguyá»…n Xuân Phúc on the matter, which the former head of government then passed on to the agencies for consideration.

The former prime minister also called for speeding up efforts to prepare for the vaccine passport process at several recent meetings.

As Thailand recently announced it will reopen to tourism in June or July, Vietnam could lose to other markets if it reopens too late.

Currently, more than 70 countries have joined the IATA Travel Pass initiative. This contains personal information and data about Covid-19 at places of departure and destination, linked to government health portals.

The initiative could be piloted in specific areas, such as central Danang city, to assess its safety, Tuấn said.

Besides legal regulations, technology, infrastructure and personnel are other challenges facing the introduction of vaccine passports, analysts said. – Vietnam News / Asia News Network



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