Vietnamese airlines reopen international flights to 20 countries and territories


HANOI (Vietnam News/Asia News Network): Vietnam has reopened international routes to and from 20 countries and territories, said Trần Bảo Ngọc, director of the Department of Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation (MoT).

The country has opened international flights to and from 28 countries and territories under the winter flight schedule applied in 2019.

Specifically, Vietnam’s international routes have reopened to countries and territories such as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan (China), Thailand and Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Laos, mainland China, France. , Germany, UK, Australia, Russia and USA.

The other eight countries that have not reopened flights are Brunei, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Macau, Finland, Italy and Switzerland.

The frequency of international routes to and from Vietnam is 370 flights per week per route, or 53 flights per day per route, while the frequency of international routes in the winter flight schedule in 2019 was 4,185 flights per week and per route, i.e. 598 flights. per day and per trip.

Ngọc said that, in accordance with government instructions, the Ministry of Transport has instructed the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to actively assess and discuss with aviation authorities partners to resume regular international flights with gradually increasing frequency.

The process ensures safe and flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic, creating favorable conditions for travel with advice on medical surveillance on entry.

Regarding domestic transportation, Ngọc said, six airlines, including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Vietravel Airlines and VASCO, operated 56 domestic routes, with a total frequency of 2,570 flights per week and per trip, i.e. 367 flights per day. per trip.

This is a decrease of two routes and 217 flights per week per route, or 31 flights per day per route compared to the 2019 winter flight schedule.

“The number of passengers traveling by air has increased dramatically, at certain times like holidays and Lunar New Year, it even caused traffic jams at some airports. The MoT has ordered relevant authorities to deal with the issue,” Ngọc said.

Air transport will continue to maintain and increase the frequency of domestic routes, as well as gradually reopen international routes, he said.

As for road and rail transport, Ngọc said it has essentially returned to a new normal situation, but passenger numbers have not recovered.

Some road routes, especially in mountainous provinces, have very few passengers, which causes the problem that transport companies cannot arrange normal work for some routes.

The MoT will continue to have solutions to improve the quality of service, induce travelers to use different modes of road, rail and river transport, thus returning to normal services.


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