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The Rwanda National Police (RNP) recovered two motorcycles stolen from suspected thieves in separate operations conducted on Monday, January 31 in Nyanza and Kamonyi districts.

Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police (SP) Theobald Kanamugire said a motorbike belonging to a certain Ngirabakunzi, was stolen on the night of Sunday, January 30, after it broke into her house where she was.

“The motorbike has a GPS and it was located and recovered from the house of a certain Jean Paul Muhigana located in Kabagesera village, Kabagesera cell, Runda sector, Kamonyi district, but Muhigana was not at home at that time,” SP Kanamugire said.

Muhigana’s wife, according to SP Kanamugire, claimed the motorbike was brought to their home on Monday morning by two unidentified men.

“His wife argued that the two men came to their bar with the motorbike, where they had drinks for Rwf20,000, did not pay and left the motorbike as collateral and would return with the motorbike. money to get it back but investigations are still ongoing,” SP Kanamugire added.

On the same day, in Rebero village, Kibinja cell, Busasamana sector of Nyanza district, two suspected thieves identified as Ephron Mundanikure, 38, and Valens Mazimpaka, 29, were also arrested after being found with another stolen TVS motorcycle.

According to SP Kanamugire, the suspects were apprehended based on information provided by motorbike taxi operators in the Busasamana sector.

“Motorcycle taxi operators became suspicious of Mazimpaka, who drove and transported passengers on the motorcycle only at night, urging them to report to the police. The police quickly carried out an operation and found the motorcycle, which had was previously reported as stolen, parked at Mundanikure’s home and the pair were taken into custody,” SP Kanamugire.

The motorbike was reportedly stolen in Nyamagabe district. According to Mazimpaka, the motorcycle was given to him by a man he only identified as Emmanuel. He added that he operated at night because he did not have the required traffic documents.

Mundanikure and Mazimpaka were handed over to the RIB at Busasamana station for further investigation while the search for Emmanuel is still ongoing.

Article 166 of the law determining offenses and penalties in general provides that; anyone found guilty of theft shall be liable to imprisonment for not less than one (1) year and not more than two (2) years and a fine of not less than Rwf 1 million and not less than plus 2 million Frw, community service within a period of six (6) months or only one of these penalties.

In article 167, the penalty for theft is doubled if the culprit has committed the offense by burglary, climbing or possession of keys other than the owner; the theft is committed during the night or the theft is committed by more than one (1) person.


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