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We all have our travel wishlists, where we want to go first when we have the time and budget. Everyone has their to-do list and priorities when it comes to travel, some like to visit the islands, some go for the mountains and few want everything in one place. Choosing the destination of your dreams is not easy due to the limitless options and several travel agencies offer many packages. It becomes confusing in which package is best suited to your needs. You have to narrow down and pick one place both to explore and fully enjoy.

Vietnam is a beautifully diverse country in Southeast Asia; it is full of history, fantastic culture, delicious food and incredible landscapes. Vietnam has received a lot of tourists in recent years, and their numbers are only increasing. You don’t have to worry because everyone in Vietnam is so sweet and extremely adorable, you don’t have to haggle for shopping or anything. No taxi driver will charge you extra, and no one will try to cheat you just because you are a foreigner.

There are many places for all types of travelers to see and explore in Vietnam. With the help of Explore One Vietnam, we present to you the three most popular and popular places for tourists. If you are planning to visit Vietnam, be sure to include them in your travel plan.

  • Halong Bay: The beauty of this place is magical; it has several limestone islands covered with lush green trees and plants that seem to float above the water. There are several floating rocks on this eye-catching coastline, and it is stunning for any traveler. The best way to fully explore Halong Bay is to book a cruise.

  • Hanoi: Hanoi is the bustling capital of Vietnam. It is in the north of the country and still the best place to start your trip. The city has its old world charm, fine dining places and narrow streets, which look very welcoming. Visiting Long Bien Market is a must when you are in Hanoi. You can also book a day trip from Hanoi to Ninh Binh which is a wonder of the world. If you love to cook and like to try new cuisines, you can book a Vietnamese cooking class for a day and maybe learn some new recipes.

  • The Mekong: The Mekong River adds beauty to Cambodia as well as Vietnam; it’s on the south side of the country. You can spend the whole day by the river and enjoy all kinds of water sports, boating, fishing, snorkeling and more. You can also book a sunset boat ride on the beautiful Mekong River and enjoy the surrounding views. Don’t forget to explore nearby fishing towns on a boat ride and enjoy the famous Mekong catfish.

There are plenty of other places you can explore in Vietnam, depending on time and budget. You can see rice fields in Sapa and enjoy the trail in the Sapa valleys; you can visit other historic towns like Hoi An. There are countless beautiful beaches in Vietnam where you can spend your evening and enjoy nature. You can book your trip to Vietnam with one of the best Explore One Vietnam tour operators.

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